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How the Westies Won

Written by SPC on April 21st, 2011

Now when it comes to publicity the West Winds has had its fair share. sorry maybe the phrase ‘fair Share’ was a tad optimistic. At times our publicity is far from fair. But on Daybreak today at 8.17am the West Winds Primary School got the publicity it deserved. West Winds Primary finished first in two categories of the UK Primary Schools Formula One competition. This included the rigorous design and production of a 15cm car that was gas propelled. Racing it and then being quizzed by a panel of judges. They went to London and won the fastest car and marketing and sponsorship categories. The church is delighted because 3 of the team where from our congregation. I think not only should we and the school be proud of the them but the whole province. 14/04/2011



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